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Aqua Dosa Environmentally Safe Sanitizing Products

Bulk containers of Aqua Dosa Sanitizer. One and five litre bottles.

Aqua Dosa™ stands apart from other products that claim biofilm removal. Ready to use right from the container, Aqua Dosa™ eliminates, calculations, mixing, stirring and guesswork.

The completely safe and sure way to clean and
sanitize water systems and dispensers.

  • Kills bacteria including Legionella, viruses, algae, fungi and fungal spores.
  • Breaks down to water and oxygen.
  • Eliminates toxic products.
  • No taste or odor.
  • Removes Biofilm.
  • Continues to disinfect after application.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Completely friendly to the environment.
  • For use in water systems and still water environments.
  • NSF 60 Certification.

Code Description
LIN-NAD61 Aqua Dosa™ Sanitiser - 1ltr
LIN-NAD65 Aqua Dosa™ Sanitiser - 5ltr


Brand New and a First.
We believe we are the first Company to offer a wipe for water coolers and other water contact surfaces, based around such an environmentally product.
We do not use alcohols or flammable product.

As above but in a convenient 30-count packet.

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Aqua Dosa Sanitizing Wipes

Code Description
LIN-ADW200 Aqua Dosa™ Wipes Tub of 200 wipes
LIN-AQWIP Aqua Dosa™ Wipes Packet of 30 wipes


Simple pack of test strips. Tub of 50 test strips allows you to detect you have introduced the AD solution to where you want it. Test strips change colour. Follow the simple colour guide on the tub to give you a guide to the levels present in the sample taken.

Introduced the sanitizer but want to know it's all been flushed out ready for re-use ?

Simple, use a test strip to check it isn't there.
No colour change = no solution present.

Though the AD solution is approved for use in public water supplies, when using to sanitise equipment its always best to flush out before re-use.

Aqua Dosa sanitising solution is environmentally friendly and any flushed from reservoirs etc can be used to rinse drip trays, fittings etc and still poured away to drain. AD will break up safely for the environment and water courses.


Code Description
LIN-TESTAD Aqua Dosa™ Tub of 50 test strips


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