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Linis Water - Better by the Glass
Linis Water Station with UV and BioCote Protection

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WATER STATION I - Economical & Ecofriendly
Linis™ Water Station™ point-of-use water purification systems provide pure, delicious, hot and cold drinking water right where you need it. These bottle-less, plumbed-in systems are self-contained purification units with installed reverse osmosis, micro filtration or ceramic filtration, Also available without filtration for quick connection to a Linis™ Water Hub™.

Water Stations™ replace expensive, unsanitary and cumbersome bottled water coolers and fountains with a clean, convenient, environmentally friendly and economical solution.
  • White & Black & Gray Colors to Match Your Decor
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel Cold Tank
  • High Capacity Stainless Steel Hot Tank
  • Large Dispense Area for Tall Sport Bottles
  • Solid, Compact Space-Saving Design
  • Brushed Steel Side Panels
  • EZ Taps for Fast Dispense Rate
  • Coffee Maker/Ice Machine Port
  • Continuous Water Supply
  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Convenient - Economical - Delicious!
Better than Bottled
Micro Filtration
Linis Micro Water Filtration 4-Stage
Reverse Osmosis
100 GPD RO
Linis Reverse Osmosis RO water purification 4-Stage Ceramic
0.5 Micron
Linis Ceramic Filtration

Linis Water Station Bottleless water purification coolers with easy EZ taps
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